Part Time Bike Mechanic
Position Summary:
This position is 10-12 hours/week and is seasonal, running approximately from May through October.
Shop Mechanic works closely with the Director and Shop Manager
to assess, repair and clean customer bikes as well as existing stock
for sale.

Shop Mechanic Responsibilities:
● Share Bike Repair workload
● Cleaning of bikes and bike parts
● Scavenging of bike parts from existing stock
● Repairing inventory of used bikes to prepare for sale
● Assessing customer bikes

Shop Mechanic Accountabilities
● Maintain work orders for each bike
● Maintain a shared work station
● Keep parts inventory organized
● Customer service as needed

Shop Mechanic Competencies:
● Bike repair and general mechanical skills
● Broad knowledge of bikes and bike parts
● Expertise in assessing bikes (in terms of functionality and quality)
● Ability to maintain an organized work space and parts inventory
● Experience with Community organizations
● Ability to communicate clearly with customers


3-5 years’ experience working in a manufacturing or repair shop


Salary commensurate with experience
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Position will remain open until filled.


Thank you!