The Bike Project would not be possible without donations from people like you! Each donation you make contributes to our operation and continued success.

Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
The BF Community Bike Project is a 501c3 organization.

To make a donation by mail, please make checks out to:
BF Community Bike Project Send to: PO Box 883 Bellows Falls, VT 05101

Please provide your name and address, (or name and address of the person to receive the gift certificate) and we will mail it to that address. 

‚ÄčAs a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization BF Community Bike is almost entirely supported by donations and we can assure you that every donation is immediately put to good use – bringing healthy activities, useful skills and many fun times to everyone, because everyone is always welcome at BF Bike!

We have the generous support of the Town of Rockingham, other community-minded organizations and many, many local businesses. Please go to our Donors and Support page to view that long list!

We have a great volunteer fundraising committee, chaired by Heidi Anderson – they organize our Annual Silent Auction and other events such as raffles, community movie nights and more.

Our Year End Appeal is always a huge help to the project.

Thanks to all who have contributed over the years, helping to keep our doors open and programs running!


to all our Wonderful Supporters

and Energetic Volunteers!